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Pyxis Oncology, Inc. (PYXS)

Sector - Healthcare

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About company

They are a preclinical oncology company focused on developing an arsenal of next-generation therapeutics to target difficult-to-treat cancers and improve quality of life for patients. They develop their product candidates with the objective to directly kill tumor cells, and to address the underlying pathologies created by cancer that enable its uncontrollable proliferation and immune evasion. Since their launch in 2019, they have developed a broad portfolio of novel antibody drug conjugate, or ADC, product candidates, and monoclonal antibody, or mAb, preclinical discovery programs that they are developing as monotherapies and in combination with other therapies. They take a holistic view of attacking the key drivers of tumor growth and progression within the tumor microenvironment, or TME, including targeting of tumor antigens and modulating the innate and adaptive immune response. The TME is an immunosuppressive environment consisting of cancer cells and stroma, which includes the blood vessels, immune cells, fibroblasts, signaling molecules, and the extracellular matrix that surrounds the tumor. The TME plays multiple roles in tumor formation, progression and metastasis as well as anti-tumor immune activity. They are developing their ADC product candidates and mAb preclinical discovery programs to precisely target key modulators of the adaptive and innate immune system within the TME for difficult-to-treat solid and hematologic tumors.
Pharmaceutical Preparations
Employees Founded
39 2018


Address: 35 Cambridgepark Drive Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140, Us

Telephone: (617) 221-9059.

Web page:

IPO information

First Trade Date 10/8/2021
Status Priced
Exchange NASDAQ
Lockup Period Expiration .Pro
Quiet Period Expiration .Pro
Old Price Range
Share prices ($)

Shares & Volumes

Shares Initial (MM) 8.34
Shares Revised (MM) 10.5
Expected offer amount (MM) $125.1
Realized offer amount(MM) $168

Financial Data (last reporting year)

Market Cap (MM) $476.0
Revenues (MM) $0
Net Income (Loss) (MM) $-52.7


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The lead left underwriter: BofA Securities

IPOs led by the firm .Pro
Profitability of conducted IPOs  ?  .Pro
1st day change  ?  .Pro
Change for the first 3 months  ?  .Pro
BofA Securities/ Jefferies/ Credit Suisse/ William Blair
LifeSci Capital

Sector: Healthcare

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