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Samsara Vision (SMSA)

Sector - Healthcare

IPO Profile

About company

They are a specialty medical device company dedicated to bringing vision and freedom back to patients suffering from late-stage conditions of the retina. They are engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of proprietary ophthalmic devices and technologies that are intended to significantly improve vision and quality of life for individuals with untreatable retinal disorders, particularly Age-Related Macular Degeneration (“AMD”). Their current product line consists of: their first-generation implantable miniature telescope (“IMT”), which they refer to as WA IMT; their Smaller-Incision, New Generation (SING) IMT, which they refer to as SING IMT; and their Tsert delivery system. Their WA IMT is the first implantable medical device approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) that works similarly to the telephoto lens of a camera, which enables improvement in vision and quality of life for individuals with the most advanced form of AMD, commonly referred to as late-stage AMD. It is important to note that not every patient with late-stage AMD is a candidate for treatment using their WA IMT. The various, currently held regulatory approvals in different markets carry differing labels that list a number of conditions and contraindications and general exclusion criteria.
Specialty Medical Device - Vision
Employees Founded
20 2015


Address: 27 Us Hwy 202 (ste 8/9) Far Hills, Nj 07931

Telephone: (877) 997-4448

Web page:

IPO information

Expected Date 1/28/2022
Status Upcoming
Exchange NASDAQ
Lockup Period Expiration .Pro
Quiet Period Expiration .Pro
Old Price Range
Share prices ($)

Shares & Volumes

Shares Initial (MM) 4.2
Shares Revised (MM) -
Expected offer amount (MM) $31
Realized offer amount(MM) -

Financial Data (last reporting year)

Market Cap (MM) $129.18
Revenues (MM) $39.0
Net Income (Loss) (MM) $-8.24


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The lead left underwriter: ThinkEquity

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Sector: Healthcare

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