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HeartBeam, Inc. (BEAT)

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(Note: This is an IPO of units of securities of HeartBeam, Inc. Each unit consists of (a) one share of their common stock and (b) one warrant to buy one share of their common stock. The shares of their Common Stock and the Warrants are immediately separable and will be issued separately but will be purchased together in this offering. They anticipate that the initial public offering price per Unit will be between $5.50 and $6.50 per Unit. The proposed symbols are “BEAT” for the common stock and “BEATW” for the warrant.)We are a medical technology company primarily focusing on telemedicine solutions that enable the detection and monitoring of cardiac disease outside a healthcare facility setting. Their aim is to deliver innovative, remote diagnostic and monitoring technologies that can be used for patients anywhere, with initial offerings for ambulatory and emergency room use. Their products require FDA clearance and have not been cleared for marketing. They believe their products and services will benefit many stakeholders, including patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare payors. Their initial focus is providing diagnostic data to help physicians with care management of patients with cardiovascular disease. There are two major markets for their initial products: remote patient monitoring and the hospital Emergency Room (ER). First, they are developing their telehealth product to address the rapidly growing field of remote patient monitoring. Their telehealth product is comprised of a credit card-sized ECG machine and a powerful cloud-based diagnostic software expert system. They believe that they are uniquely positioned to play a central role in remote monitoring of high-risk coronary artery disease patients, because the studies performed so far have shown that their ischemia detection system is highly accurate. Their powerful ischemia detection system is unlike other ambulatory cardiac monitors currently on the market which focus on arrhythmia detection. Secondly, they are applying their platform technology to create a software tool for detecting heart attacks in the ER environment. This software tool is designed to enable emergency physicians to more accurately and quickly diagnose heart attacks than currently available. Market release of this Product will precede that of the telehealth Product.To date, they have developed working prototypes for both their telehealth product and their ER product. The ER Product is currently undergoing additional engineering work that they believe will make it ready for FDA 510(k) clearance submission. Our focus over next 18 months will be on getting FDA clearances for both of their products and introducing their first Products to the market. They are partnering with Ximedica, a leading medical device design and manufacturing firm, to finalize the development of their initial products to meet all FDA requirements for the 510(k) submission.
Biotech - Cardiac Monitoring Hardware & Software
Employees Founded
7 2015


Address: 2118 Walsh Avenue, Suite 210 Santa Clara, Ca 95050

Telephone: 408-899-4443

Web page:

IPO information

First Trade Date 11/11/2021
Status Priced
Exchange NASDAQ
Lockup Period Expiration .Pro
Quiet Period Expiration .Pro
Old Price Range
Share prices ($)

Shares & Volumes

Shares Initial (MM) 2.8
Shares Revised (MM) 2.8
Expected offer amount (MM) $16.5
Realized offer amount(MM) $16.8

Financial Data (last reporting year)

Market Cap (MM) $46.5
Revenues (MM) $0
Net Income (Loss) (MM) $-1.82


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